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Menu Yumenoki Fulham Road

We take pride in serving mouthwatering Japanese takeaway menus. If you would like to order them today, then you have definitely landed on the right page. Well, you can order our delicious Maki & Temaki recipes like Negi Salmon, California ISO, or Hamachi. You can also order one of our signature menus i.e. Yumenoki Maki. We even serve authentic Japanese Nigiri recipes, for example, Nigiri Tako, Nigiri Suzuki, and Nigiri Maguro etc. What's more, we recommend you to order our Sashimi dishes like Moriawase Osaka, Moriawase Kyoto, and Sashimi Suzuki. There are some Deep-Fried recipes which are absolutely finger-licking. The options for our Deep-Fried dishes are Soft Shell Crab and Tempura. We also serve many variants of Soup, Salad, and Starter/Side dishes. Even more, you will be requested to order our Japanese Main recipes, for example, Salmon Tataki, Age Dashi Dofu, and Tori Karaage. Other than these mouthwatering preparations, you can even order our two Hotpot recipes -- Sukiyaki and Shabu Shabu. Plus, you may also enlighten your taste-buds with our Deluxe Bento, Omakase, and Noodle recipes too.

About Yumenoki Fulham Road

At Yumenoki, we are extremely pleased to welcome you to where you can order classic Japanese preparations. It's true that our outlet is specialized in serving the classic Japanese menus that deliver the best-ever taste. Starting from Sashimi to Nigiri, our outlet is widely known for being the most popular food destination for those connoisseurs who are eager to taste Japanese menus. Rest assured that Japanese cuisine has worldwide popularity for its unique balance of taste and flavour. However, preparing authentic Japanese recipes isn't an easy task as the process requires high-quality ingredients and precise culinary expertise. Combining precise cooking methods and the best-quality ingredients, we are absolutely pleased to serve you the most authentic Japanese takeaway recipes. So, please hurry up and order our menus now.

Restaurant location Yumenoki Fulham Road

Our Yumenoki outlet is based out of Fulham Road. The outlet address is 204 Fulham Road, London, SW10 9PJ. At our outlet, you can either opt for the takeaway service or doorstep delivery. Based on your preferred choice, we will arrange a prompt service for you. Thus, you should now download our apps and quickly confirm your orders with us. You can easily download our app via the App Store or Google Play. Choose your favourite dishes, place an order now, and enjoy a mouthwatering food experience with us.

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